The Italian Sheepdog or Maremmano Dog Breed

It was not until the 1870’s that the Italian Sheepdog was referred to as a distinct breed. The overall look and character of the breed has remained virtually the same since the Italian Sheepdog was created.

It is possible they can be found in the United Kingdom, typically under the name ‘sheltie.’ Physical Appearance You need look no further than Italy to see the massive creatures of whom so many misconceptions are based.

Height Of Italian Sheepdog

The typical height is 30-40 pounds with a man’s bitches from around 44-60 pounds! They are massive flailing bundles of joy. With their long silky coats, carried gracefully, they seem to be almost a smiling bag of joy. In fact they are!

Temperament and Personality

They make a great study for a  pet portrait

Naturally, the Maremmano is very protective of their herd and will have no trouble with even the smallest predators. The same person probably would be grounds for alarm if they found themselves surrounded by lions, tigers, bears and wolves. They are a rare breed to survive any attempt to corner them in an enclosed space since they love to run at top speed. They are gentle and loyal with children and other animals.



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