How to Avoid Your Puppy from Chewing Shoes?

You might think it’s cute and melt your heart when your puppy is chewing a much more extensive shoe than their body. But it may become a ‘home disaster’ when the puppy grows up and shows destructive behavior by chewing shoes, clothes, and sofa. At that time, it’s too late to regret. So it’s essential to train your dogs in order to prevent them from chewing shoes.

Keep on reading if you desire to know what is the first step to avoid things from happening. There are basically three main reasons why your puppy is biting shoes, including teething, boredom, and separation anxiety.

Puppy Teething

A puppy starts teething at about 3 to 4 months, and it may chew things because of teething. At this period, the puppy experiences gum sore and discomfort, and it’s drooling. Therefore, they will look for something to chew on, relieving the pain and discomfort. How to avoid it chewing on your shoes?

Provide teething toys for it to chew on. Especially those toys that can be filled with cool water so that it could also soothe your puppy’s gums and teach them to chew on toys. Whenever you notice them chewing on your shoes, replace the boots with chewing toys, and reward your puppy with treats when it starts chewing on toys. Keep shoes, clothes, and other things out of your puppy’s reach that it likes to chew on except its chewing toys.

Out of Boredom

Dogs or puppies could chew shoes out of boredom. If your puppy has no other entertainment activities to have fun or burn energy, it will find itself. Yes, it may begin to chew things to consume its energy and entertain itself. Hence, it would be best if you get them a job or a thing to focus on, like provide playthings and let them keep your house safe. A daily walk might also help to burn some of your dog’s energy.



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