How to care for a Leachianus Gecko

The Leachianus gecko is an arboreal gecko endemic to New Caledonia, where they inhabit forest habitats. These arboreal geckos are in fact the largest species of gecko in the world. They tend to be a mix of greens, browns and grey in colour. This heavy-bodied gecko has loose, delicate skin so handling although possible should be kept to a minimum to avoid unnecessary stress and skin damage.


Being perfectly built for the trees, your Leachianus enclosure will require a good amount of height and opportunity to climb. A minimum of 90 x 45 x 90cm should house an adult, but they would utilise more space if provided. This will give them adequate opportunity to climb and jump between branches to get sufficient exercise and stimulation.

In order to use the height of the enclosure, it is important to provide a secure structure made up of branches, logs, vines and foliage. It is particularly important to ensure they have adequate access to the top of the tank where the heat and UV will be.

As well as climbing opportunity, it is essential that enough cover is provided to make your gecko feel safe and able to hide from view. This can come in the form of coconut hides, cork bark or areas hidden under dense vegetation. For substrate, it’s best to use a good soil mix, as it will assist in humidity upkeep with its moisture-holding abilities. It will also create an opportunity for live vegetation.

Heating and lighting



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