Allergy Testing vs. Food Intolerance

Are you are up to date of your vet visits but your pet has been exhibiting recurring or unwanted symptoms such as paw biting & licking, upset stomach, constant scratching, hot spots, excessive hair loss, & extreme gas?

Your pet could be suffering from a food intolerance.

We all know what an allergy is, but what is an intolerance?

An allergy is an immune system response that is typically immediate and can be life threatening. An intolerance does NOT involve the immune system and may appear several hours to several days after ingestion or exposure. They are not life threatening. Due to the delayed reaction time, it is very difficult to identify an intolerance. Typically, intolerance testing is needed to identify the food items that are triggering symptomatic responses in your pet.

That is where 5Strands Affordable Testing comes in. They have created an at home HAIR/FUR collection kit. No swabs involved! Using Bioresonance technologies, they can determine the food items that are creating an imbalance in your pet’s body that manifests itself in those unwanted symptoms.

Using their customized report, you can start eliminating the foods that triggered a response to see if your pet’s symptoms lessen or go away altogether. Once your pet’s symptoms lessen, you can start reintroducing food items just one at a time and see how your pet responds. This is how you would create your pets forever diet.



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