How to Choose a Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service

If there’s anything the Pandemic has taught us, it’s that grocery delivery is great. Like, seriously great. It saves time. It saves resources. And it’s just plain convenient! And while you can likely order your pet some kibble from the grocery store, or raw ingredients if you make your own fresh dog food, there are several fresh dog food delivery services that make it easy, and convenient, to get fresh dog food delivered right to your door. Here are some tips to help you choose a fresh dog food delivery service that works best for you and your four-legged friend.

Consider Food Sensitivities First

Of course, when it comes to choosing a fresh dog food delivery service, your pup’s dietary restrictions should be your first consideration. If he doesn’t do well eating grains, look for gluten-free options. If your pet can only eat certain proteins, make sure the delivery service you’re considering has a menu that includes meat he can eat.

If your pet has food sensitivities, it’s probably best to choose a service that develops custom meals just for your dog. Or that allows you to choose specific menu items that’ll be included in your delivery each time. If you land on a service provider that sends out a set menu to all subscribers each month, it may not always fit the nutritional needs of your sensitive pet.

Look Into The Ingredients

What makes good dog food…good? The ingredients! And that’s especially true when talking about fresh dog food. Read the ingredients in each menu item carefully to make sure they’re foods you feel good about feeding your pet. Look for a delivery service that offers transparency into their sourcing and is willing to answer any ingredient questions you have. Make sure the food recipes are formulated by experts and that they’re complete, balanced, and meet AAFCO standards.

If you only feed your dog organic ingredients, make sure the food delivery company makes food using certified organic ingredients. If you care about GMOs, USA-sourcing, and other distinguishers, look for a company that ticks off all your ingredient boxes.

Make Sure It’s Safe!

Safety and quality are huge concerns when talking about pet food, and that’s no different when discussing fresh dog food delivery. Make sure you choose a company that has food safety checks in place, batch information, stringent quality standards. You get the idea.

Is There Variety?

You don’t like to eat the same thing every day, and honestly neither does your dog. The good thing about choosing a fresh dog food delivery service is that it gives you an opportunity to get many dog food options delivered to your door, without purchasing an entire bag of each different kind of food. It allows you to add variety to your pet’s diet, so look for a company that lets you take advantage of multiple recipes.

Fresh vs Frozen Food

When choosing food for your pet, keep in mind your lifestyle, your pet’s dietary needs, and your storage space! If your fridge is constantly jam-packed with people food, you may not be able to accommodate a large box of fresh dog food each week. On the flip side, if freezer space is in short supply, you might do better with a fresh option, instead of frozen. These are all good things to keep in mind before you commit to a service.



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