How to deal with cat litter properly? Many cat owners ignore this

In addition to feeding, massaging and playing with the cats every day, cat owners also have to clean up the cat’s feces.
How do you deal with cat litter with cat’s feces? Straight into the trash can? Or pour it into the toilet?
As a matter of fact, these practices are all wrong. Cat droppings and cat urine, as highly leaking dirt, need to be dealt with more properly.


The disposal of waste cat litter needs double-layer protection

It is easy to clog the toilet if the cat litter is poured directly into the toilet.
Cat litter accumulated in the sewage pipe, not only your own toilets are easy to clog, but also may affect the downstairs residents.
If you throw the cat litter into the trash can, you need to properly dispose of it before throwing it away.
Because if the bag is not sealed, the bacteria and odor in the cat litter will easily overflow.
Not only will the house be filled with unpleasant smells, but after being thrown into the trash can, it may attract other stray cats, dogs or other animals, biting through the trash bag and digging out the trash, which will seriously affect public health.

The correct way to dispose of waste cat litter is to pack it in the special cat litter pail and refills for double protection.
First, assemble the special cat litter pail, tie the cat litter refill and put it in the pail, and then shovel the cat litter ball that has solidified cat feces into the cat litter pail with the cat litter refill.
This kind of special cat litter pail and refill has a larger capacity than ordinary garbage bags, and has a stronger ability to isolate odors.
After being filled, tie them carefully and then discard them, which can greatly reduce the chance of odor and bacterial leakage.



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