Why does my cat lick me? 5 reasons to know

Dogs and cats have many things in common.
For example, dogs will lick you, and cats will lick you sometimes.
However, the reasons why dogs lick people are different from cats.
Do you want to know why cats lick people? Those who keep cats at home, quickly come to understand these 5 reasons.


1. Miss you

A cat is a kind of pet with a cold outside and a hot inside. I believe everyone knows this.
But sometimes, cats will express their misses for their masters in their own way.
For example, when they lick you, they are actually saying: Master, I miss you, you hurry to play with me!
If you can play with the cat for a while at this time, it will be very happy.
In the future, if you are not around it, it will miss you especially.

2. Like you

As we said earlier, cats are a kind of pets with cold outside and hot inside.
They lick you because they miss you. They miss you, which actually means another meaning, that is, they like you.
Only when the cat likes a person very much, will the cat lean over and lick him/her.
Moreover, when the smell of other cats appears on the person it likes, they will get angry.
They will keep licking this person to cover the smell of other cats with their own scent!
Of course, this is a generous cat. If it is a petty cat, it will be angry with you and ignore you for several days.
After the anger is gone, it will lick you and cover the smell of other cats on your body.

3. Clean

Most cat owners can see this scene, the cat keeps licking their body with their tongue!
Of course, this is because the cat is cleaning its body, and it wants to keep its body clean!
Yes, when it licks you, it actually means that it wants you to become clean.
This also shows from the side that you are a person who doesn’t like cleanliness, and your body is a little dirty!
It’s so dirty that your cat can’t stand it anymore. Clean your body personally!
But then again, the cat will personally clean a person’s body, which also shows that this cat likes this person very much.



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