Week Of August 29th Doggy Horoscopes

This week, dogs everywhere are going to have their sass-meters up to 11. Remember to be patient this week because sassy or not, we all love the personalities of our incredible little fluffs.

Aries: Aries dogs love you so much and need you to stop doing the thing you call “work” and pay attention to them.

Taurus: Your Taurus pup loves Taco Tuesday and this Tuesday, make sure to drop more taco meat on the floor than usual.

Gemini: This week, have a spa day for you and your Gemini doggo! Paint each other’s nails, braid each other’s hair, and lie down with cucumbers on your eyes because that helps your eye lids stay moist? Is that right?

Cancer: Your Cancer canine is pulling an Olivia Rodrigo this week. Did they put out a hit record after a nasty breakup? No, but your pup did get their driver’s license and can now drive you around town! Your dog is super impressive, just don’t let them constantly drive by the house of the poodle they used to date.

Virgo: This week when your Virgo dog is practicing yoga right alongside, just don’t worry when their downward dog is better than yours.

Libra: This week, your Libra pup is embracing all things Dark Academia by reading Faust in a cafe, wearing all black, and studying Ancient Dog Literature at Paw-ton University.



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