Marnie The Escape Artist

It was a dark and stormy night – a night Melissa would have preferred to spend indoors. Instead, she was in her pajamas and rain boots chasing Marnie the Irish Setter through the woods. Why? Marnie had seen a deer, and interpreted the fence around her yard as a mere suggestion. Marnie is an Irish Setter dog, after all, bred to hunt and run all day long.

brown dog barking up a tree
Typical Marnie barking up a tree

Melissa learned how motivated Marnie is to capture her quarry shortly after they rescued the dog. “She jumped the fence to go into the lake after the ducks,” Melissa recalls. One night, Melissa woke to the sound of Marnie running around upstairs. “We quickly learned she was after a bat that had gotten in through the attic,” Melissa says. “She caught it, and five more that were trapped in the downspout.” 

Marnie was rescued at age three after being found running through a neighborhood. “She was in bad shape,” Melissa recalls. Marnie had numerous infections and was terrified of going indoors. With lots of patience, Melissa’s family gradually settled into a pleasant routine with Marnie.



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