How To Detect Fleas On Your Cat

How to Detect Fleas on Your Cat

Fleas are a very irritating problem that our furry feline friends have to face. Even with the tiny size, fleas are enough potential to bring wreaking havoc into our feline friend’s life. Fleas are active insects that can cause severe itching and inflammation to pets and their owners as well. Fleas feed on blood and jump onto other pets and hide into their skin fur deeply, where they can bite and ingest blood without getting caught. Once your feline friend gets infested, they grow exponentially in numbers if not treated well.

That is why it is important to check regularly for flea symptoms in order to detect and eliminate the infestation at its starting phase.

Before we go through symptoms of fleas, have a look at how a cat gets fleas. It will make easier to prevent flea infestation.

How Cat Gets Infested By Fleas

  • Cats can get fleas while they are outside, from a flea jump.
  • Fleas can also jump to our clothes and land onto our pet’s fur.
  • While in close contact with other pets or animals, the chances of getting adult fleas are very high.



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