How to Get Started with Training Your Dog

If you’re unsure what dog training looks like, then you’re probably not alone because many new dog owners don’t know how to begin training. The training process might look different for all dogs, but it’s not impossible to learn a new behavior. You don’t need any special qualifications to get started. As a beginner, you can teach your pup the basic commands such as sitting, staying still, coming when called, going into their crate when asked, and pottying outside.

Taking it step-by-step makes the process much easier and less overwhelming. By breaking up the project into small goals you can work through over time, you will be able to teach your dog and reinforce behavior successfully.

What are the Benefits of Training Your Dog?

Teaching your new puppy basic obedience gives them the freedom to safely engage in activities they enjoy, such as running off without a leash and joining you when meeting friends and family. Dogs are intelligent animals that love to learn, so training is also a great way to keep them stimulated and prevent boredom.


How do Dogs Learn?

A training session should always focus on rewards. To reinforce specific behavior, provide your pup with something they truly love, such as treats, toys, or praise every time they do something correctly. Take the time to discover what rewards it enjoys the most – this will make learning more enjoyable and efficient. A few of their favorites may be small pieces of meat or cheese – the tastier the treat, the better you’ll both do.

Below are some of the basic training you can give your dog. You will learn different training methods and other tips to make sure your puppies learn how to follow your command.

Come when Called

  1. Gently call your dog’s name or the word “come” while you both stay in the same place.
  2. After calling your pup’s name or the word “come,” reward them with something delicious, even if they don’t come to you. It’s all about letting them know that a treat follows when they hear their name.
  3. After rewarding your dog, place another treat near them on the ground. As soon as they finish it, call out their name again. When they look up at you, give them another tasty treat. This will help them associate the word with treats and positive feelings.
  4. Repeating this process multiple times will help increase the distance from which your pup can respond to their name. Be sure not to overuse their name by calling it too often if they don’t respond, as this will make it easier for them to ignore it. If this happens, approach your pup and start the process again from a closer range so they can successfully react when you call out their name.



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