How to Groom a Long-Haired Dog

We love to spoil our dogs because they deserve it. As a pet owner, nothing says I love you like a shiny coat, clean body, and dashing appearance. This season, treat your pooch to some do-it-yourself (DIY) grooming. If you want to learn how to groom a dog, you’ve come to the right place.

Grooming will vary based on dog breed and coat type. Today, HICC PET™ will focus on grooming long-haired dogs and maintaining a clean look. We cover grooming tools for long-haired dogs, how often you should bathe your pup, methods for removing tangles, and happy pup cleansing alternatives.

Grooming Tools for Long-Haired Dogs

a pet owner carefully trimming dog nails

If you own a long-haired dog, you must groom them daily. Long-haired breeds experience more knots and tangles compared to furry dogs. Without daily coat maintenance, those knots can matte up, requiring a shave or snipping large chunks of hair. To properly groom your long-haired dog, you will need the following:

  • Slicker brush
  • Metal comb
  • De-matting brush
  • Shampoo for dogs
  • Dog cleaning wipes
  • Detangling spray solution
  • Clippers for dogs
  • Shears (trimming scissors)

Some grooming tools for long-haired dogs are safe for daily use, while others are only for deep cleaning. Here is step-by-step instruction on how to use these tools to achieve your dog’s desired look.

Step 1: Use a Slicker Brush to Prevent Knots and Tangles in Dog Hair



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