July: Pet Hydration Awareness Month

Pet Hydration Awareness Month is celebrated in July to remind pet owners of the significance of regular hydration in their pets’ lives. Your pet’s body, like a human’s, will not be able to function properly without water.

As pet lovers, we must ensure that the pets around us are hydrated throughout the sweltering summer. We thought that Pet Hydration Awareness Month would be the best time to refresh our knowledge about hydration. Hence, here are a few things you must know this July.

Importance of Hydration in Pets

Water is as important as good food to carry out the optimum body functions. Therefore, if pets don’t get enough water, they may not function well; just like humans. This condition is called dehydration.

When dehydrated, water moves out of a pet’s body cells, resulting in muscle dysfunction and electrolyte imbalance. And, if the condition prevails, it may also lead to organ failure and death.

Water is highly essential for the following functions and many more:



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