The Cost of Living Crisis is a Worry for Pet Owners

Only a couple of years ago Covid was the hot topic of discussion. Now two years on the world is in the grip of a cost of living crisis. It is no secret that when money is tight, and income shrinks pet care can be one of the first things families cut back on. That’s why many organisations such as the RSPCA, and Dogs Trust have concerns for animal welfare and are offering free advice.

Many owners are currently struggling with rising costs and pressures to give appropriate care to their pets. A recent report released by the RSPCA in part based on a YouGov survey of more than 4,000 UK adults, found that animal welfare is one of the most important social issues people were asked about.

What The Research Says

The report’s findings showed a worrying picture.  Nationally, around a third of owners said they were worried about being able to afford to properly care for their pet and 18 percent said they were worried about the cost of feeding their animals.

Since 2020 pet ownership has soared to an all time high. Lockdowns created a positive increase of kindness from new and seasoned pet owners as many people looked for companionship during the darkest days of Covid. However, with the rising costs of pet food, medicines, and pet toys for some families the burden of feeding another mouth is becoming a concern.



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