How to install a pond filter

In a previous guide we went through the pros and cons of each main type of pond filter. With your choice made, here’s how to install them.

How to install a box filter

Box filters work via gravity so they need to be placed above the pond. For ground-level ponds, the box should be placed at the edge of the pond, with the outlet projecting over so the filtered water drops back into the pond.

If you have a waterfall, either keep the filter box on the edge of the pond and use a separate, second pump, “T” off the filter feed and send one hose up to the waterfall, or place the box at the top, behind the waterfall.

Place the box on a strong, level surface, where you can easily get to it for maintenance. Outlet pipes on box filters should only be extended with caution, and most are better left short, as the manufacturer intended. Don’t be tempted to reduce the diameter of the outlet pipe, run flexi hose off it, or run it uphill, as the box will likely flood.

If the placement of a box filter is inconvenient or unsightly then a pressurised filter may well be for you.



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