How to make the Vet Less Intimidating for your Pup

Just like humans hate the dentists, dogs hate the Vet. With all the poking and prodding at each visit, it’s no wonder they leave scratch marks on your leather seats and fight to stay inside your car.

Not going is not an option. So how can you make your furry best friend’s Vet visits less intimidating and more like licking dinner leftovers off the dining room floor? …. (well maybe not that good.)

1. Practice at home.

I know, playing pretend Vet is not as fun as fetch. But it’s important to get your dog comfortable with common Vet examinations to help ease their tensions during a real visit.

Handle their ears, examine their teeth and touch their paw pads once a day. Then, reward them with their favorite snacks. They may fidget at first, but slowly your pup will get comfortable with the examination process.

2. Visit the Vet for fun

A visit to the vet for fun is like inviting your mother-in-law over for no reason. Who would want to do that? But actually, frequent visits to the Vet will help your pup adjust to the environment.

Take your dog to the Vet and let him/her get used to the staff and space. Your pup will soon begin to think of the Vet in a more positive light.

… as for humans though, there are some things we’ll never get used to.



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