How to Stop Dogs From Chewing Things – 4 Helpful Tips

Chewing in dogs is a common thing. It’s a natural habit for dogs, something tied to their primal instinct – a way to alleviate stress, get energy out, and clean their teeth. But destructive chewing isn’t welcome.

If you’ve found your dog chewing on your furniture and tearing apart clothes, you’ve probably frantically Googled “how to stop dogs from chewing things.” You’re not alone in wondering why this happens and how to curb it.

The behavior is common among dogs, so it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your dog or they’re acting vindictively. It’s more likely they’re stressed and energized with no outlet.

But how do you stop your dog from chewing on things? From giving them regular exercise to handing them tasty bully sticks to chew on, here’s how you can help your dog and get them to stop chewing on your stuff.

Practice regular play time

Many dogs turn to chewing because of boredom and having too much energy. A simple way to keep their destructive chewing at bay is to help them get their energy out every day. Besides taking them for their daily walks, be sure to set aside time where you can play together.

This could include taking them out for a short, daily run or playing fetch at a local park. You could even toss a frisbee around indoors or give them a puzzle treat toy that will require them to work their mind and body for a reward.



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