How to Stop My Dog from Barking? Training Tips

How to Stop My Dog from Barking? Training Tips

Has your dog’s barking become a behavioral problem that needs to be fixed, but you’re not sure how? This article will help you learn to identify why the barking may have become an issue, and target specific solutions for your dog’s barking problem that make the most sense for them. Want to get your dog to stop barking? Read on!

Diagnose the Cause of Dog Barking

Key to training your dog to stop barking is to properly identify why they are barking to begin with. Once you have correctly figured out what is causing the behavior, the training options become more clear.

Although this guide does address some of the more common kinds of problem barking in dogs and how to fix them, it is not a comprehensive list. If you are unsure what might be at the root cause of your dog’s annoying barking behavior, consider hiring a professional dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement based training methods to help you identify and treat barking issues in canines.

#1: Lack of Exercise

Problem: The most common reason that dogs become problem barkers is simply the fact that they are not getting enough exercise to burn off the stress hormones that build up when they don’t have their needs for movement met.

Young dogs (ages 0-3 years) and certain breeds (such as herding and working breeds) have much higher exercise needs than most people and other pets. When these exercise needs are not met, problem behaviors such as barking, excessive chewing, and neurotic behaviors can result.

Solutions: Ultimately your pet relies on you to make sure their needs for exercise are being met. For many of our canine companions, a few daily walks around the block just won’t cut it. Instead find ways to add rigorous off-leash play and running to their daily routine.

Examples include:

  • Training games such as fetch and tug to give your dog a daily way to get their ya-yas out
  • Consider athletic competitive dog sports such as flyball, agility, dock diving, or lure coursing
  • Visit a dog park or other area where dogs are encouraged to play off leash where they can run and play to burn off excess energy
  • Train your dog to use the treadmill
  • Pick up a hobby such as hiking or jogging to turn your dog’s exercise needs into an excuse to work on your own fitness program

#2: Lack of Mental Stimulation – Stop Boredom Barking

Problem: Dogs are intelligent, social beings who cannot thrive when their needs to use their noodle are not met. Boredom, just like lack of exercise, can result in problem behaviors. If you want to stop your dog from barking all the time, be sure that you are doing your part to be sure your pup is getting a chance to be challenged on the mental level each and every day.

Solutions: The main way most owners address their dog’s boredom is through training. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about positive reinforcement training, then maybe it is time to pick up some skills.

Start with simple “tricks” such as sit, stay, and down. These behaviors become a foundation for also rewarding your dog for quiet and calm behaviors, another big bonus for owners of problem barkers.

Helping a dog to stop barking when the cause is a lack of mental stimulation can be addressed in many ways, including:



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