Is CBD Safe For Puppies?

Is CBD Safe For Puppies?

A common concern we hear from pet parents is “Can I use CBD for puppies?” and “Is CBD safe for puppies?”

The short answer is, YES! Like all animals, puppies have an endocannabinoid system resulting in their bodies interacting with CBD, just like adult dogs. If you’re interested in CBD for your puppy, there are a few important things to know before you buy.

Does My Puppy Need CBD?

First, in order to determine if CBD is the right option for your puppy, consider why you believe your puppy needs a supplement, like CBD. If you’ve never had a puppy before, a lot of their behaviors are likely new to you and it’s completely understandable for you to worry about your fur baby, even if there might not be anything wrong. Remember there are some behaviors that are completely normal for puppies, and may not actually necessitate any supplements.

Has your puppy been overly aggressive? Hyper? Anxious? Or, is she just being the average needy, playful puppy? CBD can definitely be beneficial for some puppies, just as it is for some adult dogs, but be aware of your puppy’s individual needs before blindly buying products.

IS CBD Safe for Puppies?

Yes, CBD has no age limitations, no known toxicity level, and can be beneficial for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. Cannabinoids like CBD from a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract have been shown to be very safe and full of health boosting properties for puppies, and dogs of all ages.

A set of clinical trials tested for adverse reactions from escalating doses of CBD for dogs, with a maximum dose of 640 mg of CBD. (That’s up to 70x higher than our standard recommended dose for dogs!) Even with such high escalating dosages of CBD for dogs, no lethal dose detected and adverse events were mild. 

According to a 2018 WHO report, naturally occurring CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans and animals, and is not associated with any negative public health effects. “CBD has been found to be generally well tolerated and to have a good safety profile.”

In this 2020 study, 20 healthy Beagles were tested to determine the safety and tolerance of escalating CBD, THC, or CBD and THC dosage in the dogs. Using 10 females, and 10 males, the dogs were given up to 10 escalating doses in a three-day span. Overall, the dogs tolerated the escalation dosages very well only experiencing mild adverse effects. 



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