Is Your Dog Shaking Due To Fireworks? | Safety Tips To Prepare Your Dog For The 4th Of July

How to prepare your pets for fireworks

Whereas celebrations and fireworks go hand in hand for us humans, it is also essential to remember that fireworks can be troublesome and traumatic for our beloved pets. With Independence Day around the corner, we want you to make sure that your pets feel comfortable with the grand celebrations that will include fireworks and music.

The noise caused by fireworks is perceived as a threat to them, and can trigger their flight or fight response, leading to behavioral changes like anxiety, pacing, whining, shivering, heavy panting, trembling and loud barking. Furthermore, your pet may also get stressed due to these noises and try to run away.

Why are pets scared of fireworks?

Cats and dogs have a tendency to hear at much higher frequencies than we humans do. Hence, the bangs of fireworks can be harsh, sharp and much louder sounds on their ears, which can be very painful for them.

Neither do we want our beloved buddies to get scared in this situation, nor do we want them to suffer from any distress. Therefore, here are some handy tips on how to protect your pets from fireworks:


The best way to prepare pets for such situations is to acclimatize them beforehand by making them comfortable with the sounds of fireworks. This can be done by conditioning them by playing recorded sounds of fireworks before feeding them or taking them out for a walk. This way, they will be conditioned to relate to the sound of fireworks as something positive. Note that this conditioning process should begin at least one or two weeks before the actual event or celebrations.

Safety spaces:

Create some safe spaces in your house where your pets can hide if they get scared. Select a soundproofed comfortable corner in your house, and fill it with water-food bowls, toys and proper bedding, but don’t confine them to this area. Let them roam freely wherever they want to or else they may feel even more stressed.

Also, make sure you provide plenty of hiding spaces, especially in the case of cats and rabbits. They might get scared and run to find safe hiding spaces, such as under the bed or behind the closet. And, don’t forget to close the windows, curtains and blinds to further prevent the noise of firecrackers from reaching your furry babies.



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