January 2023 Charity Spotlight: Irondog K9 International

Irondog K9 International was established by Charlie Nash in 2015 to provide education, to supply much needed equipment, and to subsidize work-related veterinarian bills. Since its inception, Irondog K9 International has enabled advanced training to numerous law enforcement K9 teams around the U.S. In addition, they have supplied handling and training gear, issued human grade canine first aid kits, and funded medical bills for injured K9s serving and protecting your neighborhoods.

Irondog K9 International is currently helping raise funds for K9 Huk, who was seriously injured in July 2022 while helping to apprehend suspects involved in a vehicle pursuit with police. Irondog K9 International has funded nearly $18,000 for his medical care, and additional care is still needed, including at least one additional surgery and rehab. K9 Huk had previously assisted in the capture of a criminal suspected in the shooting death of a Nassau County Deputy in 2021. In October 2022, K9 Huk was awarded a Medal of Honor for his Heroic Act of Courage. At the ceremony, K9 Huk was in great spirits – a testimony to the amazing love and care he is receiving.

Law enforcement K9s’ lives are at risk every day as they search for drugs, money and explosives, locate missing people, find crime scene evidence, apprehend suspects, and protect their handlers. Take a look at the Irondog K9 International website to meet K9 Chance and K9 Weblo – heroes who were also injured in the line of duty – and to learn more about what this organization does to provide for countless K9 teams and bring them safely home to their families.



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