Keeping a Dinosaur happy; life in lockdown!

Most horse owners and riders are lucky enough to now be able to ride, and hey- perhaps lockdown quite suits us in a lot of ways?  With unlimited sport and allowances for travel, we can enjoy the outdoors with our four legged friends (or enemies if you own a moody mare!) with the added benefit of not needing to fit in all of the usual madness that work or school may bring.

As long as we can apply a sprinkle of common sense, horse riding is one of the ideal sports for social distancing. But how do we keep our horses happy? Especially the older ones who love their job and routine, which has been thrown out of the window for the time being!

Daisy the Dinosaur, nicknamed purely due to our drastic size difference as a partnership, is my wonderful horse who loves her job of showjumping and thrives on routine. Keeping her happy recently has been a careful balancing act to make sure she’s healthy enough to return to competition when the time comes, but still being looked after in the meantime. Here’s how we’ve been keeping my dinosaur happy so far…



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