Do cats dream?

Hi there, pet owners! Have you ever thought about why your kitten or cat is waving its paw, twitching whiskers, or drooling while sleeping? Have you ever wondered if they dream just like humans?

Well, apparently, just like us, cats are also mammals and have a similar brain structure. This means that their brain’s activity during sleep is also quite similar, and they can dream just like us. So here, we will talk about sleeping cats and their dreams!

How long do cats sleep?

On average, adult cats sleep 15 hours per day, and kittens sleep 20 hours a day. Born as natural hunters, cats sleep most of the daytime and save energy for hunting during the night. So that’s why you may notice your cat sleeping during the day. This sleep is also referred to as a “catnap.”

But don’t ever think that they won’t notice when you walk by or open snacks. While sleeping, cats are always alert to their surroundings, and they can simultaneously be awake and asleep. Even domestic cats display such behaviors. So they are most active at midnight and dawn. They may walk on your face or jump between tables, and this may cause a lack of sleep for owners.

Do they dream?

Yes, cats can dream like us! Just how we dream about people we have met or like, cats do the same. The only difference is the experience and feelings. For example, your cat is very likely dreaming itself lying down on top of the “food carpet.” During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the closed eyes move quickly and randomly. Meanwhile, the dreams cats have tend to be detailed, long, and sometimes imaginative. During non-REM sleep, dreams are short and simply replay the day’s activities, like playing with toys or balls.



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