Maine Coon Temperament: Is This Feline The Right Fit For Your Family?

Felines are loving animals that make wonderful companions, and if you’re looking to adopt, you may be considering Maine Coons (also known as American Longhairs).

The Maine Coon cat breed is known for its large, majestic size and longhaired coat. Most people are drawn to the breed based on these features alone, but it’s important to take a look at the Maine Coon temperament before making a final decision.

Read on to learn about the Maine Coon temperament, so you can make sure your future feline companion will be happy and healthy with you and your family!

What is the Temperament of a Maine Coon Cat?

Maine coon temperament

Maine Coon Cats are an excellent choice as a pet because they are gentle giants who will generally adjust to your lifestyle with little to no difficulty. They are generally not known to be destructive or aggressive in nature.

Maine Coon Cats are perfect for families and can even serve as the perfect companion for a senior citizen due to their loving nature and willingness to adapt to various lifestyles and living spaces.

The most characteristic features of Maine coons that you might notice are:

  • Sweet Tempered and Gentle
  • Affectionate Nature
  • Incredibly Playful and Active
  • Naturally Curious
  • Easy-Going
  • Family-Oriented
  • Slightly Co-Dependent
  • Intelligent and Easy to Train
  • Strong Prey Drive

1. Sweet Tempered and Gentle

They are known to be sweet-tempered and gentle with their owners as well as strangers. There is also a misconception that they don’t get along with other cats, but they actually do quite well if raised in a multi-cat household.

The Maine Coon gets along better than any other breed when it comes to cats in general. It is common for them to become great friends with other cats and dogs alike.

2. Affectionate Nature

In general, Maine Coons are gentle, affectionate, and social cats. They enjoy human attention and will generally follow their owners around the house to be near them. They are also very cuddly and enjoy being petted.

3. Incredibly Playful and Active

The Maine Coon is an incredibly playful and active breed of cat. In fact, they’re so full of energy that they’re often referred to as kids in fur coats.

They love to explore and play and are known for their ability to climb furniture and trees. The Maine Coons are also great with kids, especially if you have a large enough house in which they can roam free.



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