Keeping your pets engaged indoors: How you do it right

The world is going through a changing time with the ever-spreading pandemic, and everybody has been advised to stay home in order to stop the widespread of the virus. The virus, as we know it is keeping everyone on lockdown, and that includes your pets. Yes, your pets are going through the same through as you during this lockdown, and it can have a negative effect on their total well-being. We are also struggling with activities to keep us engaged during this time, so too do our pets need activities that can gear up their spirit. So, how do you get your pets engaged while indoors and also doing it the right way? This article is directed at giving tangible and plausible solutions to keeping your pets engaged during this indoor season.


The fact that you are stuck inside during this time doesn’t mean you don’t try to do a little bit of exercise, at least even if it’s walking several steps around your apartment. The same should be applied to your pets, a little bit of exercise is a way to keep the mind and the body of your pet in good shape since its almost impossible to move around. Games like tug of water and fetch are the most accessible game to keep your dog engaged during a period like this. Although the dog might try to show strength depending on its size, always remind your pets you are the human with more mental exercise.

dog exercise

Mental Games and stimulation

Mental games and stimulation can also be another way to keep your pets pre-occupied during this time. Pets are known to be mostly outdoor animals and tend to get bored easily if they don’t find activities that interest them. This is why you should play mentally stimulating games that would catch their interest, and it’s most times better to add incentives to make them the more attached. There are several games that you could use to entice and get the attention of your pets, such as Kong, for your dogs and laser pointing in the case of a cat. This type of activity would keep them occupied for a very long period.



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