Maltese Terrier Dog Breed Information

The Maltese is a little dog, resembling a very small version of the fox. It has a small, pointed head, very long neck, and a silky, single coat hanging straight down from its withers. The neck is also feathered. The coat is white, although good choices are hazel or dark brown, and the skin should not be too loose or to dry. The hair should not be so long that it drags on the ground. The bushy tail and ears give the dog its distinctive look.

Maltese Terrier Dog Height and Details

The Maltese’s height is 10 to 12 inches and the weight is 6 to 9 pounds. Though small, the sturdy built of this dog permits it to perform a useful purpose. It is useful as a lap dog, however it should not be left alone.

They make a great study for a pet portrait



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