Lowchen Dog Breed Information

The first guide to owning one was written in 1885. Their Coat is short and smooth and very dense, the coat is mainly white with black and tan patches.

Information About Lowchen Dog Breed

Brown is the second most popular colour, Black and tan is third. Lowchen are in the Gun family of dogs, the coat is wavy, clean and hard. Their hind quarters are short and have strong bone structure. The skull is broad and the head is shortened to about the height of a mariner’s skull. The Lowchen nose is black, (or chocolate on a black dog). Their teeth meet in a scissor bite. The eyes are brown and soulful. Their ear are set close to the head and are full and round. The neck is chestnut or darker. They have a great docked tail that curls over the back, this keeps the dogs better positioned when they hunt.



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