The Best Grooming Tips For Goldendoodles

Are you ready to bring home your brand new Goldendoodle puppy and need some help learning how to take care of them? Or maybe you’re a longtime doodle owner and want some tips on grooming at home to save some money and help your dog feel fresh longer.

With these tips and product recommendations, you’ll be feeling like a pro in no time.

At Home Goldendoodle Grooming Tips:

1. Brush for at least 5-10 minutes EVERY day using a slicker brush (shown below) to keep fur free of mats and tangles. Use a dry/waterless shampoo to freshen up every few days if needed.

2. Once a week, use a de-matting tool and a detangling spray to get out the tougher knots so they don’t become a hassle down the road.

3. Bathe, blow dry, and brush once a month to thoroughly cleanse your golden doodle. Make sure to use a high-quality dog shampoo like some of the ones listed below.



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