Miniature Schnauzer Diet Plan

Active dogs require much higher caloric intake and protein than sedentary dogs. So even by its miniature size, your mini Schnauzer needs a protein-rich diet over one with many carbohydrates and fats.

Any meal plan you select should prioritize the macronutrients necessary for maximum energy and optimal health.

A macronutrient is defined as the primary source of nutrition and energy in any diet. It is prioritized as animal protein, carbohydrates, and fats with minimal additives and fillers for dogs.

The meal plan you select consists of single-sourced animal protein eschews unnecessary fillers such as grains like soy, wheat, and corn while including a healthy carbohydrate like brown rice. Balanced with just the right amount of fats in the recipe will give your mini Schnauzer the energy they need.

When considering your pet’s diet, you should also factor in your dog’s age, ideal weight, and overall fitness levels.

How Active Is Your Poodle

The primary factor to consider with the right meal plan is understanding your dog’s overall fitness levels.

An active dog will require a diet rich in protein and calories over an inactive, sedentary one like an athlete.

Considering the overall fitness levels and how active your mini Schnauzer is regularly will highlight the type of meal plan and the best serving size for your dog.



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