Most Popular Dog Breeds in California

Before we get into the most popular dog breeds in the United States, specifically California, let’s talk about the Golden State in general. When folks think of California, they usually think of LA. Beaches and palm trees, warm weather all year long, and an abundance of space to appreciate the outdoor lifestyle. However, the reality is that CA is a huge place! As a matter of fact, it’s the second-biggest state in the continental U.S. which measures in at 163,696 sq. miles. So here, Innovet Pet Products goes over which is the most popular breed of dog in America, specifically in California.

While any breed may adapt and make the Golden State their forever home, there still are some favorites among the residents of California. To offer you a better idea of which dogs make the top of the list, the folks at Innovet Pet Products has put together the top 5 most popular dogs in California, as of today.

Standard Poodle

Is this one a curveball right off the bat? What is the most popular dog in the united states, specifically in California? The Standard Poodle that comes in at #5 on our list really should not shock you as Poodles often are a classic favorite, and popular dog breeds. As it’ll come to the fast-paced lifestyle of California dogs, alert and active include two of the leading qualities a dog should have. Standard Poodles are beloved for their grace and beauty and serve as the ideal Hollywood show dog for residents of California. Apart from their physical appearance, Poodles are attentive and intelligent, which makes them the ideal companion for owners around the U.S.

The Poodle’s lineage stretches back into the folds of time. Considered to have derived from Asia then settled into Germany hundreds of years later, it isn’t until the French gave light to the dog breed that we realize its ‘real’ beginning. What we do know is that in the fifteenth century, the Standard Poodle became among the most popular dog breeds in France, oftentimes exclusively owned by nobles and royals.

At that time, there were 3 dog variations (all were pure, which means they did not breed with other dogs to generate different variations): the Miniature Poodle, the Mid-Sized Poodle, and the Standard Poodle.

Today, the Mini and Standard are the most common, with Standard Poodles having a bigger presence.

As the years passed, the Standard Poodle started to be utilized by duck hunters. Their stamina, athleticism, as well as striking intelligence made them outstanding hunting dogs. However, their intelligence truly was what set them apart from additional breeds, and so traveling circuses started to train them to be show and trick dogs. The more the dog breed streamlined, the more French aristocracy started to incorporate them into their lifestyles, in which ultimately the posh, regal reputation developed. Then, the dog became the national canine of France.

Later on, the Poodle migrated with the original colonists, and in 1887, was recognized by the AKC (as one dog breed, even though the Standard and Miniature were included). The Poodle remains to be among the top 10 most popular dog breeds worldwide.

Standard Poodles define the term grace. They naturally are dignified, carry themselves with a very confident demeanor, and have an entire reservoir of love to provide to the ones closest to them. Oftentimes—and it’s a common misconception—the personality of the Poodle is thought of as aloof to strangers, snobby, and unfriendly, in general. While that may be the case (as most owners that invest in purebred Poodles do so for the showmanship) it actually isn’t the Poodle’s innate dog personality.

They’re startlingly intelligent. They aren’t just well-known show dogs due to their regal stature or perfectly groomed coats they are show dogs because they are intelligent enough to process and learn their training. Maybe among the most trainable and docile dogs across the complete variety of dog breeds, what’ll make the personality of a Poodle trait so popular is that they may be virtually anything.

Apart from that, they are fairly levelheaded. The Poodle’s behavior may be a little protective and guarded of their loved ones, yet they aren’t an aggressive breed. They will bark and make outstanding watchdogs because they will ensure any stranger recognizes their presence. However, if not correctly socialized, Standard Poodle’s have reputations of being standoffish towards other canines and people, introverted, and nippy. Also, poodle anxiety is common within this breed. More specifically, they’ll fall victim to separation anxiety, and aren’t the kind of dog that ought to be left alone for long time periods.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds might be a surprising choice for California, yet it ought to come as no shock that this one is beloved by many.  What is the most popular breed of dog in the United States, especially in California? Admired for their obedience and bravery, German Shepherds often are sought out to be protectors within search and rescue teams and K-9 units. The German Shepherd’s aptitude for a working environment makes them talented at several service jobs.  Overall, the Shepherd is an extremely well-rounded dog breed that likes protecting their owners, social interactions, and exercise.

The Shepherd–despite being one of the most popular dogs in U.S. and worldwide, for that matter–originated within the nineteenth century. One cavalry captain in Germany had an aspiration to develop the world’s top herding canine. Maybe he did not succeed with that specific goal, yet he absolutely developed among the most popular and best dogs worldwide.



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