Natural Pain Relief for Dogs and Cats

Natural Pain Relief For Dogs and Cats - CBD for pain

Have you ever wondered “What can I give my dog for pain?” or “What can I give my cat for pain?” If you’re a pet parent, chances are, you’ve had this same question. While there are many options nowadays to help manage pain, many pet parents are searching for safe, natural pain relief for dogs and cats.

NSAIDs and other OTC pain medications are easily available, and often chosen because they treat pain quickly. However, they don’t get down to the root of the problem. They mask the symptoms, but do not help the root cause of the pain. Moreover, they also often cause unnecessary side effects.

CBD as a Natural Alternative for Pain Management

So if you’ve wondered what to give dogs for pain or what to give cats for pain, CBD from a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract offers safe, natural pain relief for dogs and cats, as an alternative to prescription pain medications. CBD and the other cannabinoids in a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract offer a wide variety of health-boosting benefits, with specific applications to help ease pain due to inflammation, injury, chemotherapy, age, arthritis, and hip dysplasia in dogs.

CBD For Pain Management

Cannabis has actually been used as an effective analgesic for thousands of years. In fact, one of the first recorded uses for Cannabis was for pain and inflammation of the joints. This has been confirmed by ongoing preclinical studies in animals, which have demonstrated that CBD reduces pain and inflammation.

CBD offers safe, natural pain relief by altering the manner in which the central nervous system communicates the sensation of pain to the brain. For example, when your pet is injured, the damaged tissue will signal the inflammatory and immune cells to begin repairing the damage. These cells then release chemicals and proteins to activate nerve receptors. These signals move up the spinal cord and to the brain, causing us, or in this case our pets, to feel pain. CBD can be used to reduce pain safely and effectively, by weakening these pain signals.

CBD For Inflammation

Additionally, the cannabinoids in a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract that reduce inflammation are both abundant and diverse. The two most abundant compounds in cannabis, THC and CBD, both have strong anti-inflammatory properties. While cannabinoids CBC, CBG, and THCV have also demonstrated beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.

We know inflammation is famously a symptom of most infectious diseases. However, research suggests that chronic inflammation is not just a symptom, it actually can cause and advance many common diseases. Chronic pain, arthritis, allergies, and autoimmune disease are all examples of conditions associated with inflammation. By soothing that inflammation, we are treating the cause of the problem and also preventing the pain.

CBD vs Pharmaceuticals for Pain Management

Many pet parents, and even veterinarians, turn to over-the-counter medications like NSAIDs for pain. For more severe pain, veterinarians are often quick to prescribe Gabapentin or Tramadol. They’re chosen because they treat the pain or inflammation quickly. Unfortunately, they also don’t address the root of the problem and often come with some severe side effects.



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