Our Favorite Dog Surgical Suit of 10 Best Surgical Onesies

Are you worried about your dog/cat getting infected after surgery? Do you know how to help pacify dogs/cats with anxiety after post-surgery? Traditional collar/cone has many obvious disadvantages. For example, wearing a heavy neuter collar, pets can’t move freely in their environment, can’t make dogs sleep. Secondly, pets’ sight is hindered from hitting on walls, desks, and other furniture. Moreover, pets can not eat or drink as normally. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best dog & cat recovery suits.

Important Concerns When Buying Surgical Onesies

  • Size:Too tight a surgical onesies may cause great discomfort to the dog and even irritate the underarms and tail area. On the other hand, if the suit is too loose, it may not completely cover the surgical area, and the dog can easily get out.
  • Breathable:The important thing is that it cannot affect the normal breathing of a dog or cat. This way the dog can walk and exercise freely. And pets can relax to sleep and rest.
  • Material: Ensure that the surgical dog suit fabric is breathable and durable. Only in this way can the onesies have enough ventilation, otherwise it will cause the wound to fester due to fungal or other bacterial infections. Only durable materials can ensure that these lively hairy pets run around during the recovery period

Check Out The Best Surgical Onesies for Our Recovery

Blue Recovery Suit For Dogs & Cats After Surgery

Blue Recovery Suit For Dogs & Cats After Surgery

This item Kuoser Recovery Suit for Dogs Cats After Surgery, Professional Pet Recovery Shirt Dog Abdominal Wounds Bandages, Substitute E-Collar & Cone, Prevent Licking Dog Onesies Pet Surgery Recovery Suit.


  • Very stretchy
  • Great outfit for even the smallest dogs in heat
  • Awesome for keeping dogs away from a wound
  • Cozy and Cute


  • Not good for a female spayed dog recovery

“If possible: first and foremost: don’t wait until your pet goes into surgery to order this suit. Order it a few weeks prior if it’s a planned surgery.”-Vilano



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