Puppy Training Basics: House, Crate and Sleep training your Puppy

At times, bringing a new pup home can be comparable to having a baby. There is a lot of hard work and commitment involved. With unsettled nights and lots of poo; a new owner can find their hand suddenly very full. The work put in in the first few weeks and months can have a lasting impact and it is important to set your furry friend up for success.

Of all the things we need to teach our little fur balls, there are three ‘basics’. When we get this right, a lot of stress will be lifted from our lives. Read on to discover how you can ace your puppy’s training:

How to potty train a puppy

For many, having a puppy who pees and poos outside is a real focus of their training in the early weeks. Smaller breeds will typically take longer to house train and some accidents are expected up until about 4 or 5 months of age. It is unrealistic to expect a small puppy to be fully house-trained within a matter of weeks (though some clever critters may take to it like the proverbial duck to water).

Consistency is key. It may seem like over-kill but we need to take our pups outside to pee all the time. As soon as they wake up in the morning, after every nap, every drink of water and every meal we should be putting them out to their ‘pee spot’. Use the same spot every time and a command such as tra‘Get busy!’ or ‘Toilet’.



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