Puppy Life After Lockdown

So, you’ve bought a puppy!

What an exciting time and, whether rightly or wrongly, many have taken advantage of the lockdown to purchase or adopt a puppy. Certainly, this ensures they have had ample time for puppy training and for bonding with them while isolating from the rest of the world.

The extra time spent teaching your pup manners and establishing rules and boundaries should be advantageous but there are potential drawbacks we should all be aware of.

Owning a pup is a big commitment and one that will continue for long after lockdown lifts and normality resumes. They won’t understand why we are suddenly not around 24/7 and now have other commitments such as work and a social life. They may also find it odd having new people over to the house and going to places such as the vet and groomer. All of these events are a crucial part of puppy socialisation but have been scuppered in recent months.



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