Puppy Grooming Advice: What age should I start grooming my Puppy?

A lot of what your puppy needs will depend on their breed and age. Discuss specific requirements with the breeder or your local vet or groomer, who will be happy to offer advice.

Very young puppies (under the age of about 10 weeks) don’t need much done to them and it is important not to overwhelm them during this settling in period. However, getting your little bundle of fluff used to grooming from early on will set them up for success going forward.

It can be useful to carry out their grooming on a firm table at the same time each day, so they know what to expect.

How often should I bathe my puppy?

In some cases, we will need to bathe our puppy at a young age. This is especially true if a pup was raised outside and is mucky when first collected. Similarly, pups can roll in poop or vomit on themselves, making a bath inevitable. Avoid bathing your puppy before the age of 8 weeks old, as younger pups can’t self-regulate their body temperature.

From 8 weeks old keep baths short and sweet at this age, ensuring the water is warm and pups are thoroughly towel dried after. Use a puppy or hypoallergenic shampoo to minimise the chance of a skin reaction.

Going forward, most dogs only need baths every few months. While this may sound outrageous to some, over-bathing can dry out skin and reduce coat shine.

Puppy Skin & Coat Maintenance

Brushing & Combing

Invest in a good quality brush and comb your little one all over from day one. Focus on the area prone to matting such as the armpits, belly and groin.

Which brush works best will depend on your pup’s coat type. Most benefit from a quick brush every day or two. This helps spread your dog’s natural oils and removes any dead fur or debris from the coat.

Brushing provides an opportunity to get your puppy used to being handled. It is also a useful opportunity to check them over for any injuries or foreign bodies (such as a burr) that have become trapped in their coat or paw pads.



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