Reasons Why Cats VOMIT?

One of the most bizarre things that cats do is vomit. When they are not feeling well, some cats will throw up their food in order to feel better. In this blog post we’re going to explore common reasons why your cat might be vomiting and what you should do if it happens.

Cats vomit when they have a hairball that is not being cleared by the grooming process. Cats may also over groom because of anxiety or stress which can lead to hairballs and vomiting. Sick cats will sometimes throw up to relieve some symptoms of their illness, such as nausea from an upset stomach, fever (vomit cools down body temperature), or throwing-up after chemotherapy treatment for cancer cells in his/her mouth. Vomiting might also be due to infection with viruses like feline leukemia virus (FeLV) or bacteria including toxoplasmosis, parvo, coronavirus.”

When a cat is stressed, they may vomit and it can be an indicator of illness. Cats sometimes vomit because they groom themselves too much. This may happen if they are sick or anxious. Sometimes when a cat gets sick, it will vomit to relieve the symptoms, such as throwing up after chemotherapy for cancer cells in the mouth.

Cats will also vomit after eating an indigestible item, such as a bone or toy . Cats do not have a reflex in their throat. They cannot get rid of things that are stuck there, so they cannot vomit them up. Vomiting could also be due to viruses and bacteria.



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