Routine Pet Maintenance That Can Be Done from Home

For several reasons, pet owners might want to cut back on visiting the groomer when their pet requires routine care. On one hand, many pets have anxiety when it comes to visiting the groomer. Additionally, pet owners might want to save money for the holidays or comply with social distancing guidelines by limiting trips out of the house.

No matter the underlying cause for avoiding a trip to the groomer, pet owners will be pleased to discover that many pet maintenance routines can be completed from the comfort of home.


Cat owners can usually depend on their feline friends to take care of their own bathing. When it comes to bathing a dog, it may be time-consuming and messy, but it’s not a terribly difficult part of pet maintenance. Do yourbest to keep the animal calm and offer small treats throughout the duration of the bath if your animal is behaving properly. Talk to the pet so that your voice comforts it.

Be sure that if you’re bathing your animal at home, you’re using shampoos and conditioners that are formulated for animals. Also, be careful to avoid contact with your pet’s eyes or getting water inside the ears (which could lead to ear infections).


Again, choose brushes and grooming materials that are made for animal fur rather than human hair. Brushing a dog or cat is relatively easy if the animal is already relaxed. For pets with especially thick or tangled fur, start by detangling the ends of the fur and slowly work toward the body. If available, use a pet-formulated conditioning spray on troublesome tangles.



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