Six funny reasons why pets are the best therapist/shrink

Ever had a bad day and felt like the whole world is against you, the coffee spilled on your shirt, or maybe you got stuck in traffic for hours. Well, once you walk right through the door, there is almost a viable chance your pet would come up to you with a furry hug. Yes, just the right thing you needed to make you feel a little bit better. You may be surprised to know that your pets are certified therapists and shrinks that could help you feel better. Here are a few reasons why your pet is the best therapist.

Excellent listeners

Ever had a long talk with your pets about trouble in your mind? I’m very sure that they listened to every single bit of your whining and crying all through that moment. They have been inbuilt with a listening ear and not-so-waging tongues, so you can be sure they don’t scold you for your bad behavior.

They don’t charge per hour

The fact that you have to pay a whole lot of money on the hour just to sit in your “human” therapist office without achieving anything for that day is enough reason to consult your pet-herapist. They charge you on the meal and some fun time.

dog therapist

Always available

Imagine having mental stress from work and hours spent in traffic, and then you still have to get downtown to meet up with your shrink, I’d say you’d probably want to miss a couple of meetings or so. Having your pets as your therapist would give you the ability to have your therapist at any time in the comfort of your living room while making a sandwich.

Not Judgmental

Your thera-pets would never despise you no matter how horrible the decisions you make, except maybe your pet is a cat, those guys would just you to moon and back, and that’s some nuggets of experience. Your pets would never judge you even though they warned you about the terrible ex or how long you spent at that toxic job.



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