Seasonal Guide for Small Dog Clothes

Just like humans, your dog’s clothing needs will vary by season. And small dogs are often more sensitive to seasonal temperature fluctuations than larger breeds. They have difficulty retaining body heat due to their smaller frames, and some small breeds (especially brachycephalic breeds) struggle to cool themselves effectively in hot weather.

Should Small Dogs Wear Clothes?

Selecting the right clothes  can be beneficial for both you and your small dog. You’ll be at ease knowing that your pup is well-protected from the elements.

If you’re hoping to outfit your small dog with a functional and stylish wardrobe that will keep them comfortable all year long, look no further. Here are our top small dog clothing picks for each season!


Summertime often means more time spent on outdoor adventures with your dog. Whether you’re hitting up a dog-friendly patio for brunch, headed to the lake, or enjoying a sunny afternoon in the park, dressing your pup for the occasion will ensure they are comfortable and protected from the elements. The following small dogs clothes for summer provide the perfect protection for your pup from heat, UV rays, and hot pavement.



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