Summer Frozen Treats for Slow-Feed Toys

August is the slow and warm end to summer we love relaxing in – especially with a cool treat to enjoy under the sun! Making a cool frozen treat that’s safe for your furry friend is easier than you probably think. Knowing the basics can get you cooking up new recipe ideas of your own – all you need to know is what’s safe, and the building blocks of a delicious frozen treat!

Finding something to freeze their treat in that is safe and engaging is essential! That’s why our Paws N’ Play Pie Toy is the pawfect solution. The decorative pie licking dog toy features deep grooves that promote safe feeding practices, slowing down eating aids in your pup’s digestion. Made from food-safe, non-toxic, BPA-free material, you don’t have to worry about any nasty unsafe chemicals being consumed!

Penny Lane’s Recipe

Penny loves our Pie Toy! Here she is cooling down with a homemade Yogurt and Pineapple Pie. A little bit of plain yogurt mixed with fresh or canned pineapple – just spread it on top and freeze!

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Gamja’s Recipe

Gamja loves being able to have custom frozen treats! When she’s not munching on some frozen applesauce, Gamja enjoys a Banana and Pumpkin pie! Half a mashed banana and a dollop of pumpkin puree to fill in the gaps.

Make sure to scroll down to learn about the Pie Toy Giveaway we’re doing with Gamja on Instagram!


The first thing you need to make a yummy pie is to set it up with some sort of sticky base. You need something that can hold your toppings and freeze solid. Ingredients like plain yogurt and peanut butter are easy to find and most pups love them!

Here’s a few popular options to use as a base:



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