Shih Tzu

Breed History

The Shih Tzu is a regal dog that was once owned by Tibetan monks. They have been in existence since around 800BC. They have featured in legends and stories since their origin. One such story involves Buddha himself. His Shih Tzu was said to have saved him from being murdered by turning into a lion and fiercely protecting him. In gratitude, Buddha kissed the dog on the head. This created a white mark of fur, still seen today in some breed members.

General Appearance

The Shih Tzu is classed as a Toy dog breed in most instances, reaching heights of up to 27cm and weighing in between 4-7kg. They’re recognisable for their adorable underbite, rounded head and fluffy drop ears.


These are dogs who have been kept as loving companions throughout the ages. They were never used as ‘workers’ and so make excellent pets. They are loving, devoted and relatively low energy. They make a good choice of pet for people who are not overly active.



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