Simple Health Tips for Senior Dogs

We love our furry friends, young or old. As our pets get older, there is more responsibility put on us to look out for them and make sure they’re as healthy as possible. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a few simple health tips for senior dogs.

1) Be extra aware of your senior pet and how they’re feeling

Keep a super close eye on their weight, eyesight, and how they’re generally feeling about certain things like movement. If anything changes suddenly or they’re in pain, your local vet is always your first go-to.

2) Make getting around easy & accessible

As they get older, mobility might be increasingly limiting. Luckily, there are home accessories like our Steady Paws Pet Stairs to make getting around a little easier.

3) Give massages to alleviate muscle soreness and pain

If your pet suffers from stiffness, treating them to an occasional at-home massage could be a great idea.



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