Spring Clean That Coat Care Routine

You probably get around to cleaning your beauty products on a regular basis, but what about the products you use on your Best Dog Friend? Here are five quick tips to help you clean up your pup’s coat care routine—just in time for spring!

1: Throw away expired products.
Dog shampoos have a shelf life—usually 18 months max unless otherwise indicated. Special shampoos, like flea and tick shampoos, typically have a shorter shelf life. Take the time to replace any products past their prime.

2: Clear out any iffy ingredients.
Pet grooming products are relatively unregulated, which means you can’t always count on the accuracy of the label. But there are some ingredients you likely want to avoid, like phthalates (a known hormone disrupter), formaldehyde preservatives (known to trigger burning, itching, blistering or scaling of the skin), parabens (a known carcinogenic), and sodium lauryl sulfate (a known skin irritant).

3: Wipe down your products and shelves.
Drips, spills and the occasional mud splatter are all part of #doglife. Give your four-legged friend’s shampoo bottles, storage containers, and shelves a good wipe to keep them looking nice—and not sticky.



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