Sustainable seafood

Good food shouldn’t come at the cost of the earth we and our pets so dearly love. In our efforts to drive sustainability within the pet food industry, it’s become apparent how difficult this task is, and how lots of sustainable efforts are not perfect solutions. We believe our pets deserve good food and that inevitably has an impact on the world around us. We make conscious decisions to opt for the more sustainable options and work closely with our suppliers and industry influencers to drive transparency in pet food and research so that we’re all able to take informed decisions.

Transparency and responsible ingredient sourcing is at the core of what we do and we opt for sustainable certifications on our ingredients. Meat and fish are the biggest ingredients we use and the ingredients with the biggest impact. All of the fish we use in our wet and dry food is either ASC certified, MSC certified or Organic. In the most simplified form, these certifications exist to verify that the fish are from a certified sustainable source and will be available to all future generations. Read on to learn how these regulations help protect our oceans and fish stocks.

Why is sustainable fish sourcing so important?



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