Safety First: How to “Pet-proof” Your Home for Puppies and Kittens!

So, you’re bringing your new puppy or kitten home. Congratulations on the beginning of many years of love, cuddles and laughs. There’s nothing better than a fuzzy pet to bring a smile to your face. Raising one is a big responsibility, but so worth the effort.

Before you bring home that bundle of energy and entertainment, you’ll want to pet-proof your home to keep him or her safe. Raising a puppy or kitten includes keeping eyes on him or her and removing safety hazards before mischief turns into a trip to the vet.

There are lots of things your pet may be curious about around your home, from foods and plants to electrical cords and chemicals. We’ll help you find them before your new pet does so you’re prepared and your new bundle of joy can grow up safe and happy.

Pet-proofing is similar to baby-proofing a home. Our advice is for both puppies and kittens (and bunnies and any other indoor pet that may roam loose). Remember when pet-proofing: cats can jump and climb much higher than dogs, so you’ll need to look both up and down when proofing your home for your new furry feline.

Pet lovers want to do the best for their new companions, and it’s simpler to put objects, like kids’ toys or hair bands, safely away than to coax a puppy or kitty to drop an offending object. Small objects can cause blockages in your pet’s stomach or intestines.

Get down on the floor and look at your house through your puppy’s eyes. What do you see? What looks tempting for a puppy to chew on? (Answer: Everything.)  From electrical cords to table legs to toothpaste, everything is fair game for puppy or kittens. We’ll take you through some rooms and point out safety concerns to address.



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