5 Must-Haves When Getting Reptiles as Pets

Are you looking for a non-traditional pet? If so, you might be thinking about adopting a reptile.

Reptiles are animals that require a wet environment but can also survive on land. Some common examples include lizards, geckos, snakes and turtles. Before adding a reptile to your family you need to make sure that you have everything you need in order to take care of it. This includes the following…

1. A Vet Who Can Help You

Just as you take dogs and cats to the vet regularly, you need to make sure you take your reptiles to the vet regularly as well. Therefore, take a look at the list of reptile vets near me. Not every veterinarian has the training or experience necessary to take care of reptiles, so before you call to make an appointment, make sure the veterinarian is comfortable taking care of reptiles.

2. Plenty of Space

Reptiles also need plenty of space. If you are trying to find a tank, cage, or enclosure, remember that a larger habitat is usually preferable to a smaller one. If you own one reptile, you may need to get a 20 gallon reptile tank. While this might sound large, it will give your reptile plenty of space. You need to have space in the tank for food, water, and structures that can provide your reptile with some source of privacy. In addition, an enclosure will provide some degree of insulation, which will help your reptile regulate his or her body temperature.



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