April: National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

It is well said that you should always keep your first aid kit stocked and handy, just in case. And probably, you may have never neglected to pack your first aid kit while packing for a hike, camping trip, or other outings. But did you know that your pets are at a far greater risk of experiencing an emergency than you do and therefore, the same goes true for our furry friends too.

April is marked as the National Pet First Aid Awareness Month by the American Red Cross Society and we couldn’t find a better time to raise awareness about this vital topic, hence, here’s all you need to learn about your pet’s first aid:

Pet First Aid is crucial: Why?

Our four-legged companion’s mischievous and curious nature and their natural instincts keep them surrounded by risks and dangers all the time. If any such unthinkable happens, it can put your pet in a life and death situation if you don’t know about the basic first-aid. Of course, taking them to a veterinarian is an ideal option in such situations.  But sometimes, the veterinarian may be too far to save your pet’s life or consider if you are on a hiking or a boating trip where the veterinarian is not available. Then what?



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