Dog Ear Infections: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Many dog owners have learned to identify the telltale signs of an ear infection: barking, scratching, and head shaking are often the first signs of this problem.

Ear infections are common conditions in dogs with floppy ears.  An estimated 20 % of dogs have some kind of ear disease that may affect one or both ears. Luckily, there are steps you may take to reduce the duration and severity of these episodes for your dog.

There are three forms of ear infections, formally known as otitis externa, media, and interna. The most common is otitis externa, in which the inflammation damages the layer of cells that line the outer portion of the ear canal. Otitis media and interna refer to middle and inner ear canal infections, respectively. These infections are also caused by the transmission of infection from the outer ear. Otitis media and interna can be very dangerous and can result in deafness, facial paralysis and vestibular signs. This is why it is crucial to avoid infections and to seek early care when symptoms occur.



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