How to find a lost cat – and stop them from going missing again

Maybe you’ve had a cat gone missing in the past. Maybe it’s something you’re worried might happen. Or maybe you’re scared because you can’t find your cat right now – if that’s that’s the case, don’t panic. Whatever your situation, here’s tips on how to find a lost cat and bring them back home. Cats run away for many reasons, but there’s plenty you can do to avoid it from happening in the first place. In particular, getting them a GPS tracker.

15 tips on how to find a lost cat

If your cat is missing, it’s understandable that you may be freaking out, and searching the web for the best way to bring your cat home. No one likes the feeling of not knowing where their fur baby is! But fear not. Studies have shown that about 74% of lost cats are eventually reunited with their family. So try to stay calm and hopeful. And find your lost cat with the help of these 15 tips.

1. Make sure your cat is actually lost

Before you call a neighborhood search party, double check if your cat is really missing. Check indoors thoroughly, and ask friends and family if they’ve seen your cat. Also check all your cat’s favorite places – under the porch or bed, or in the cat-loving neighbor’s garden. To make sure you don’t have to go through that stressful experience again, consider getting a GPS cat tracker.

Still can’t find your cat? Then it’s time to start the search.

2. Start right away

Once you know your cat is missing, don’t wait until it’s too late to start searching for your cat. If you wait hours or days, your lost cat may end up in a dangerous situation. As soon as you suspect that your furry friend may be missing, start the search!



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