What to Look for in a High Quality CBD Oil for Pets

What to Look for in a High Quality CBD Oil for Pets

Here at Lolahemp, quality has been our number one priority from day one. In fact, our founder Joey started this brand after he saw the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil for his own rescue dog, Lola.

Frustrated that he had a hard time sourcing a high quality CBD oil made just for pets Joey was determined to make the highest quality CBD oil for dogs possible so that other pet parents would have access to a safe, reliable, high quality CBD oil for their pets.

But what does “high quality” mean when it comes to hemp oil for pets?

Here at Lolahemp, we are very proud of our products. Here’s why:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets

Many of the CBD products that are flooding the shelves of big box pet stores these days are based on isolated CBD. These brands will often use marketing such as “THC free” in order to present their products as best for pets. However, CBD isolate is not a sign of quality, nor is it better for pets.

First, let’s just be clear. Although full spectrum CBD products can contain trace amounts of THC in them (less than 0.3% by law), research has shown it is safe for dogs.

CBD isolate is made from hemp using a variety of chemical and mechanical means to strip away all other compounds found in both the source hemp as well as any pesticides or other harmful residues from industrial farming practices. These processes end with a pure CBD powder that can be added to products such as oil tinctures and edibles, regardless of the quality of the original hemp.

That may sound great, but hold on. Research has found that the various flavanoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids that are naturally found in hemp are actually supportive of the healing properties of this plant. In fact, researchers call this synergistic property “The Entourage Effect.”

The Entourage Effect of whole plant cannabis extractions has also been the subject of research in specific medical research on cannabinoids from breast cancer to mood disorders.



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